Monday, 17 June 2013


Nottingham - o, Nottingham.
When I discovered my tyre was damaged in the morning and needed to be replaced, I should have decided not to go, when we were 2hrs into the journey and someone passing us signaled for us to check our caravan and we found the skylight to have been ripped from the roof, we should have turned around and when we finally arrived exhausted after a 5 and a half hour drive (which was supposed to be 3 and a half hours) we should have known that it just wasn't going to be our weekend.

We knew we had shut the skylight before we left but the caravan is a 1985 model and the supports had grown brittle and the springs lose, so the high winds had managed to get underneath it and rip it out. I managed to work out how to get Mum ontop of the caravan (I'm wobbly at the best of times and not good with heights) by parking my van along side it, opening the window and having her use that as a step up, Mum saw about covering the hole in an old-school bin-bag manner which did the job :)

Voodoo managed to make it down to the rings un-escorted. He jumped into the van and as Mum let go of his collar for him to take the final hop into his crate, he span, burst out of our garden and ran the distance through the caravans to the rings. I was in my wellies and tried my best follow him, but by the time I made it to the rings he was flitting from one to the other until Laura Chudleigh caught him and returned him to me. Good job I hadn't taken his harness off, it made him much easier to grab!

I just couldn't get my act together in the ring, just a silly mistake in each one, a 5r here, a pole there and with frustration setting in things were never going to get better. I don't think I will be returning to Nottingham again.

@ Nottingham
Hex - 6th, G6-7 Jumping
Hex - 8th, G6-7 Jumping
Stitch - Clear,  C6-7 Jumping

Jennine & Ruby - 12th, Beginners Steeplechase

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