Monday, 31 October 2011

Honiton/South Devon Show

I was really looking forward to this show, it was the last one of the year I had entered with Hex, because of her impending season and I intended to just go for it.....unfortunately Hex had the same idea! I've just watched the videos back to remind me of what happened that weekend and O dear, what a mess! She wasn't paying attention to me, at all, no respect, just one crazy red head! But she had fun.

Lots of A-SITters at the show too, these are the results I can remember, sorry to anyone I've missed out:

Gill & Kassey - 1st, G3 Agility winning them up to Grade 4!
Mum & Stitch - 2nd, C1-7 Jumping
Alex & Sonny - 5th, G1 Agility
Alex & Sonny - 5th, G1 Jumping
Kif - 7th, G5-7 Jumping
Rosie & Freddie - 2 x Clears
Michelle & Bel - Got their first Clear Round in G1 Agility (and just one place out of the placings)

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Bromsgrove & Blackdown

Bromsgrove Results:

Stitch - 2nd, C4-7 Jumping
Stitch - 3rd, C1-7 Agility
Stitch - 4th, C4-7 Jumping
Hex - 7th, G6 Agility
Hex - 5th, Pro Plan Final

Hex was 1 second off the win, but watching the video back, she did everything I asked of her, I don't think we could have done any better - she was fabulous.

And elsewhere @Blackdown:

Alex & Sonny - 5th, G1 Agility
Alex & Sonny - 2 x Clear Rounds
Sadie & Carmen - Clear Round