Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I leave the country for one week...

... and O, the drama!

Unbeknown to me as I merrily sunned myself Phee was in and out of the vets for tests under general antithetic (not good with her heart) – she developed some symptoms which caused Mum a great deal of concern and £450 later we await the results – could this mean that she may return the agility scene if a proper diagnosis can be found and treated? Only time will tell... She must have read my previous post and thought ‘no way José!’
Kif managed to do a runner the morning of the show Mum was taking him to but he found his way home (phew!) and Stitch was a pin to the bowling ball that is Billy (don’t worry he was a rubber, bouncy pin and is unscathed).

And now for the drama which comes in sparkly spotlights; Prestbury Park show Results (report from Mum who was there, of course!):

*Mum & Kif with our friend Diane & Fraze came 9th in the pairs together (Diane also cleaned up around Gr3 with Fraze with a number of places including a win up to Gr4 with the youngster).
*Mum felt Phee was up for running the pairs (and the vets okayed it) with Jo & Fluke; following a re-run Phee only had the 1 pole down and Fluke did a flying Clear – go the spaniels!
* Jo & Fluke had a 2nd and a 4th
*Sam & Billy had a 2nd in Jumping even with his on-going tendonitis (currently being treated by the amazing SMART clinic)
*Sam also borrowed Sprite who had a whale of a time and did a stonking clear for her on the Sunday and then proceeded to help himself to a tripe stick out of the treat box that they put near the finish line for the anysize dogs – honestly, I ask you?!
*Mike & Rio won the Gr3 Jumping
*But top of the class; Jane & Boot won Gr1 Agility taking her up to Gr2! Not only that but she also had a 2nd in Gr1 Jumping and a 5th & 7th the previous day. Boot is 9 years old! – Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?!

Well done guys! – I’ll go on holiday more often ; )

P.S: Stitch has had his KC Name confirmed, he is..... Experiment Six Two Six