Sunday, 29 November 2009

Conquest Farm

Hex didn’t have a great day today, she was firing on all fours and the rest but came out the weaves early twice and fell off the dog walk once, I’m glad she keen, but really Mrs - focus! She did have one clear but turned the wrong way after a jump and it cost her time so no place for The Baby.
We also got asked to leave the queue for a class today by a member of the ring party because of Hex’s ‘running commentary’, so I took myself outside in the wet and mud (where she continued to cheer) and that’s when I realised how rude this person had been; I’ve paid the same entry fee as everyone else, she wasn’t upsetting anyone in the queue, in fact she was helping excite the dog behind her and I heard a number of dogs barking in the same manner that Hex does throughout the day and they weren’t banished, it put dampener on an otherwise fab day. And I wouldn’t change or swap my baby for anything. Rant over.

Now on with the fab day! I had three people representing today; Emily and Alfie who did a grand job, unfortunately for Emily poor Alfie decided today to forget how to weave! But he didn’t know he’d gone wrong and he thoroughly enjoyed himself and the bits that went well, went very well. Jane and Boot who got a 5th in the Large 1-2 Jumping, the run was beautifully handled by Jane. Jeannette and Tess had their first show ever got and got 5th in the Small 1-2 Agility, placings were only to 4th, but who cares – what an achievement especially when you consider that Tess has never run in front of other dogs before or indoors... or even on anyone else’s equipment. Jeannette handled Tess’s original doubts in the Jumping with patience and professionalism and helped show Tess that it was just the same as at the field – only dryer! As a result Tess went from strength to strength with each run and finished the day with her clear, I was so proud.

Blackdown next week and I’ll be keeping an eye on Sarah and her guys ; )

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Exams and Photographs

Well the results are in and Mum passed the Agility Club Instructors seminar so she is now an Agility Club Approved Instructor! She was only 5 marks off the 1st Class pass, but she’s not disappointed, she knew she made some mistakes in her first exam following a serious attack of the nerves, and that’s what cost her. She thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and so did Hex who went up as her demo dog, I’m really proud of how both of them coped with the long days and the information overload and no, we still won’t channel weave!

The photo day on the 7th November was a huge success with every place booked, we were SO lucky with the weather, with only 2 brief rain showers and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Thank you everyone for your patience, this is the first time I have ever tried to organise anything like this or tried to take a lesson with more than just training on the brain, and it was obviously frustrating for me not being able to be my usual hands on self with the dogs cause of my injury. I hope that everyone gets some great pictures out of the day, knowing Carol’s work, you won’t be disappointed – I did get to have a sneaky peak at a few on her computer before we left and the bright sunshine on the field with the dramatic stormy backdrop has worked really well. Thanks obviously to Carol as well for coming all the way down to visit us and getting down in the wet and mud to achieve what are going to be some really interesting shots.
The pictures should be up on her website tomorrow (9/11/09), there’s a link on my links page, her number is on her website if you have any queries.

Hex’s first indoor show is this Saturday, hopefully she’ll be a good girly because I have a special treat for her Sunday; a training session with Anthony Clarke.