Monday, 9 May 2011

A-SIT's Field Day @ Blackdown

Never have I had so many A-SIT members at a show, it felt like a school trip as I showed the new batch of newbies the ropes,. All the excitement of being out of the class room but with the need to at least pretend you've learnt something ; )

Blackdown was an odd show, I can see what the club was aiming at by splitting the classes as they did, but it did make for a long day and if they use the same class set up in September, I don't think I'll be going. I just hope that it hasn't put anybody off who was attending their first or second show, it is not the norm to have that many classes. Having said that, the rosettes and trophies were nice (although I personally didn't get any) and the new venue was good... although very exposed and windy!

I think the day really went to Anne with her 'Rottelier', Chas. I don't know anybody who has won their very first class ever and if I hadn't jinxed her before her last run, I reckon she would have had 4 out of 4 Clear rounds. I was one very proud trainer. Not to be out done, Gill followed up by winning the Combined 1-2 Agility with Kassey at her second show ever so they both won up to Grade 2.

It was so great to see everbody enjoying the work and time that they had put into their dogs and to see the dogs beaming with pride and joy as they finished their runs, not understanding what clear rounds or faults were, just enjoying the new experience and moment with their handlers.

There used to be an agility magazine published with the front page each month reading 'Agility is Fun', it kind of became an on-going joke phrase when we were out in horrific weather, or having the worst elimination of our lives, or just having a shite day in general, but d'ya know what - Agility really IS fun. I had pinned my hopes on Hex that day and walked some courses I really liked for her, but we went home with 3 x 5s and an E, even when a class was restarted and we got the chance to re-do it, I still fluffed it - (I guess that's what you get for going out drinking before a show!), yes I was disappointed, but Hex was having the best time and loved all the fuss she got from the A-SITters (I think she thought I had brought her an entourage complete with cuddles and sweeties and even Sea Jerky from Helen!) and with everyone including my dog having such a good time, I couldn't help but catch the feel good vibes and look forward to more A-SIT days out.



Anne & Chas - 1st, G1 Agility (Winning up to Grade 2 at their first show with their first run!)
Anne & Chas - 3rd, C1-2 Agility
Anne & Chas - Clear, C1-3 Tunnels & Spreads Fun Class
Gill & Kassey - 1st, C1-2 Agility (Winning up to Grade 2 at their 2nd show!)
Alex & Sonny - 8th, G1 Jumping
Sadie & Carmen - 12th, G1 Jumping (another 1st show success!)
Gail & Stitch - 1st, G4 Agility
Gail & Stitch - 1st, G4 Jumping
Lesley & Kif - Clear, G5 Jumping

Thursday, 5 May 2011

A Royal Weekend!

So because we'd planned to chase qulaifiers, we've entered a number of shows further afield... Which is how we ended up at Shrewsbury this weekend instead of Dordale with everybody else but going that extra disctance was so SO worth it!

I'd spent the week working on Hex's wing wraps, as you might have read a couple of months ago I started giving her earlier verbal queues, well I've now decided to give her earlier body queues too because my body was conflicting what my mouth was saying. I can't believe the improvement I've been seeing already, I even let Mum get the video camera out again... although not in time for our win into Grade 5 : )

Stitch also got to put what he'd practiced in the week to work, I've come down hard on Mum's pull throughs and we practiced tunnel traps over and over and good job too, because the medium judges were out to get the medium dogs with many a trap and pull through! In fact we generally found the courses more challenging than down south, particulary the 5-7 courses which Kif was on and which totally played in our favour, despite him hating that show ground (too many skips that people bang around the rings and flags too, O and big rustling trees - o Kif) he did really well much to my surprise. There were a couple of runs I didn't think I'd even get him off the start line, but he was brave when it counted.

Then on Monday we had the North Somerset show with 3 members making their KC Show debuts infront of the general public! I know we do agility 'for fun' and I know people say 'O I'll just be happy if they do their best' but everybody has their own personal goals for their dogs and I so wanted all my guys to get what they wanted and knew that it would only be nerves that stood in their way and so in turn I was nervous for them, but I need not have been.

Both Alex & Anthony came incredibly close to a clear with their first runs, just 2 obstacles to go and both dogs did what many did and went in the wrong side of the weaves with just one jump to go and then they grew and grew in confidence with each run, as did Gill with her dogs. I am already getting nervous for the people making their debuts this weekend, I not only want them to get the performance they want out of their dogs, but also to enjoy themselves at the show and enjoy the company and support of other A-SIT members - I really do feel lucky to have such a fun and friendly bunch, so don't be strangers, especially not to Rosie - she's bringing a new picnic set!!!

Videos from the weekend are available on the youtube channel:

Results were as follows:

@ Shrewsbury

Gail & Stitch - 1st, C4-5 Agility
Gail & Stitch - 1st, C1-4 Agility
Lesley & Sprite - Clear, Anysize Jumping
Lesley & Kif - 4th, G5-7 Jumping
Lesley & Kif - 5th, G5-7 Jumping
Lesley & Hex - 6th, G4-5 Agility
Lesley & Hex - 1st, G4-5 Agility (taking us up to Grade 5!)

@ Cornwall

Karen & Mollie - 7th, G3 Agility

@ North Somerset

Alex & Sonny - 7th, C1-2 Jumping
Alex & Sonny - 4th, G1-2 Jumping
Anthony & Amy - 8th, C1-2 Jumping
Gail & Stitch - 2nd, C4-7 Jumping
Gail & Stitch - 1st, G4-7 Jumping
Gail & Stitch - 1st, G4-7 Agility
Lesley & Hex - 8th, C3-4 Jumping
Lesley & Hex - Clear, (5th & they only placed to 4th!), G3-4 Jumping