Monday, 31 May 2010


As a rule, I never do well at a show when I’m helping, so joint ring managering with my Mum you would have thought would doom me for failure... how very wrong I was!

A-SIT got the following results:

3rd G4 Jumping
7th G3-5 Jumping
12th G1-7 Jumping

2nd!!!! G3 Agility (soooo close!)
3rd G3 Jumping
19th G3 Jumping (due to a trip Hex took to the tunnel before listening to her Mummy!)

1st Veteran Jumping

Sarah & Elliot
2nd G1 Jumping (Yay Mr.E!)
8th G1 Agility (Elliot’s first EVER clear in Agility after much hard work from Sarah on his contacts and weaves – great to see some results)

Sarah & Jemma
3rd G1 Jumping (a fraction of a second behind Elliot!)
Sarah has also decided to take Jemma up to Grade 2 on points so when she does get her Agility win, she’ll be a Grade 3.

Jane & Boot
3x Clears in various Jumping classes
UKA Phoenix show last week they also got a 4th

Karen & Molly
3rd G1 Jumping
5th G1 Agility
4th G1 Agility
4th Gr1 Jumping

So a really REALLY great show as a club for us and very proud to have you kitted out in club colours, especially when Sarah & Karen collected 4th, 3rd and 2nd in the same class!

Kif is jumping like a ‘normal’ dog. Hex was examined on site by the SMART Clinic and her recent pole hitting is due to a tight quad and back – all muscular which can be fixed with special stretches over the next week. Sprite was strutting his stuff in the Veteran ring. I am one very happy handler and trainer.

Thank you to SWAT for such a great show and to everyone that spared time to help on our ring.

And on a completely different note – Happy Birthday to Kelly (Spud's Mummy) for this weekend!

I've decided not to go to Packington today as I have way too much to do before I go away tomorrow, so I'm going to set about organising the A-SIT demonstration day, sorting out some lesson plans for Mum and I'll see you all in a week’s time! x

Saturday, 22 May 2010

The sun was shining on Kif today : )

Not so much on Hex – I need to spend some more time on my own dogs as well as other peoples! It’s so hard finding the time, but she is a young dog and she confirmed today that she needs it. I went all the way up to Luton for the Olympia Qualifier, I was up at 4.20am and had a 3 hour drive and all to watch Little Miss Hex continue to flaunt about the agility ring like she owns the place. A pole in each run again (2 in the agility), wide turns, and just a genuine ‘bitchy’ feel to her. Even chilling out ring side she wouldn’t look at me when I asked her to. Princess Hex was in her own little world – she needs to come back down to earth and FAST!

As for Kif, well I could just hug and squeeze him! (If he’d let me.... which I don’t think he would).

I couldn’t believe when I got my running orders that we’d entered him in the NBC 4-7 Comb Jumping against 288 other Collie/Collie Crosses..... ‘Why?!’ I asked myself – but the course was a shitter and he was fab, continuing his good stride work he followed every line of my body (even when I sent him wide twice—whoops!). At the prize giving I was listening to all the dogs called before me and I was certain Kif couldn’t of completed a course faster than them – but some handling risks we made paid off – 17th overall – against some of the top dogs around – 288 of them!!! Ahh AMAZING! And then to top it off he came 7th in the Grade 4 Jumping. Kif doesn’t like the heat and he was by no means moving his fastest but he wasn’t measuring or hanging about in the air so we can definitely work with this – come on Kifley-Koo!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


They say that things tend to come in 3s; well, Hex had a pole in the jumping, a pole in the agility and I lost my van keys!!! They came out of my pocket in the exercise area and I didn't realise until I was back at the van! Luckily as it had been a sunny day I had left the back of the van open so the dogs could still be let out, so the only panic was - how do I get home?!
It's in situations like this that Agility people really do shine. I went to the secretary's tent and had an announcement put out and a set of keys was handed in!.... not mine though. Abi helped me double check my van and make a quick trip round the exercise area, Sarah and Natalie spent in total (2 trips) approx an hour and 20mins with me walking up and down the length of the HUGE exercise area and eventually the lost was found, but I had 4 offers, including one from a complete stranger to help me get my dogs home and an offer from Nat to take me back up to retrieve my van. I am so SO grateful, if it wasn't for all the fantastically supportive friends (& strangers) I had around me, I would of been in melt-down.

Unfortunately my last runs of the day did suffer though - my mind wasn't with it. I ended up on the wrong side of the line home with Sprite and sent him the wrong way and I wasn't in the right place to work Kif's contacts. Kif did however put in one fab run - his first of the day, he came 28th in the Comb 3-5 Jumping. 28th, you say - pah! But I was soooo pleased with this run, he was up against 280 other dogs and this wasn't a 'Kiffy' course, there was a big straight line across two side of the ring on the way home - and for the first time EVER in the ring, Kif ran the line 'properly', no silly steps, no extra high jumps and no measuring he was FAB. Very VERY pleased.

Hex's poles were due to me rushing and nagging her round corners, but what elsedid she expect after last week? I need to be on this dogs case if she's going to keep choosing her own course! I did some work today at the field to work on her trusting me when I get in front of a jump at speed that I'm not going to get in her landing space and I was pleased with the results. Lets see if we can pick our feet up on Saturday!!!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

More Good Results

Well not for Hex who decided 3 times to turn a deaf ear and pick her own course. If I had been more on the ball I probably could have saved her mistakes - I think it may have officially been our first ‘off’ day, which is odd because the bits before the eliminations felt amazing - 2 of the E’s were two obstacles from the end!!

But dogs that did listen to their Mummies at Blackdown were:

Clear in the Anysize Jumping (This class was a clear rounds only class, no places given. So he did the best he could)

7th 4-5Comb Jumping
12th 3-4Comb Jumping

Sarah & Elliot
4th 1-3Comb Helter Skelter
Sarah & Jemma
3rd 1-3 Graded Agility

Karen & Mollie
6th 1-2Comb Jumping
9th 1-3Comb Jumping

Jeannette & Tess
3rd in the Small Gr1-3 Graded Agility even with 5 faults (pole down), but places were only given to 2nd so for the third time they have just missed out on a numbered rosette. Next time Girls!

Elsewhere Jane & Boot achieved three 4ths! And would have won the Agility if Jane hadn’t knocked over the last Jump!

Jo & Charlie also had their first show at Blackdown and they were fab, the only real mistakes made were around the weaves which Jo is working on with Charlie at home. Watch this space!

Monday, 3 May 2010

North Somerset Show

I thoroughly enjoyed judging today, I had a great ring party and some good classes and I was really really pleased with how my courses ran and with the positive feedback I received. So often you miss watching your friends run but for an entire day I got a front row seat!

Inbetween the wind, rain and hail, I somehow managed to get sun burnt! With the weather changing every 30mins, so did my outfit and layers, but I was very proud to be wearing my A-SIT zip-up today because everyone did so well and it was so great to see everyone in their gear as well, representing! Even the dogs were wearing our club colours today, Jeannette and her American friends have made Tess and Pixie the coolest little coats complete with club logo – they looked fantastic, I hope to get my hands on a picture of them soon to share for anyone who missed them.

Anyways on with the important stuff, the results!:

Sarah & Jemma:
2nd – Gr1 Agility (it won’t be long until the red ribbon is in her grasp!)
7th – Combined 1-2 Jumping

Jane & Boot:
6th - Combined 1-2 Jumping

Jeannette & Tess (at their first KC Show):
Clear in Gr1-3 Jumping (They actually finished 7th overall, but unfortunately placed rosettes were only to 6th).

Sarah & Elliot and Jane & Welly also deserve a special mention because these are two very excitable dogs who coped extremely well with the atmosphere that this show provides and the increased nerves that handlers let off from being in front of a public crowd and running in my classes!
Elliot did his waits and Welly got his weave entries and did some beautiful sequences within my courses.


With my arm improving all the time, I felt my handling was nearly back on form, but I still gave Mum Kif’s Agility runs cause she agreed to come to the show with me last minute to help me set up my tent and keep me company! Saturday was an extremely frustrating day for me with Hex – she had a pole down in the Jumping, but more frustrating she barrel rolled off the side of the see-saw in the Dog Vegas Qualifier, a silly baby mistake which possibly cost her first place – gutted! Sprite seemed back to his spritely self and he was in a really good mood all show, frolicking in the exercise area and sneaking into the tent. Another triumph this weekend was Kif’s contacts – After re-training Kif’s contacts over and over again over the years to try and make him comfortable on them, we have finally decided to go back to the method we feel happiest with (Stop/Go 2o2o) and for the first time in a long time he actually got them in the ring!

So these are the results:

5th – Anysize Jumping
7th – Anysize Jumping

14th – Gr3-5 Dog Vegas Agility Qualifier
And other clears with were SO close to being in the places!

7th – Gr3 Jumping
14th Gr3 Agility

And now here are the vids (sorry some of Kif's are missed but Mum's still getting the hang of the new camera!):

Cornwall/Dartmoor Weekend 24th & 25th April

Ok, so with one thing and another, I have been a very bad blogger so I’m going to blog so individual shows to bring us up to date.

So lets start with the Cornwall/Dartmoor weekend. My first show back since fracturing my arm and at the same venue I did the damage!! I was very wary about running and had to walk and plan my courses very carefully to use my left arm as little as possible. I was also unable to run Kif because Kif requires my arms a lot more than Hex & Sprite do, so Mum kept Kif for another weekend. It was also the first show where I‘ve run Sprite and started to feel he’s getting older (I know he’s over 12 years old now, but he’s never felt like it before), he struggled with corners and was stiffer after his runs then he’s been before. O and Hex and shredded her stopper pads digging in the back garden so she was running with her front feet strapped up for the first time, her contacts were visibly slower and her pads were obviously causing her some discomfort so as soon as I saw a paw on the contact, I released her, it just means I’m going to have to reinforce her stop contacts when her footsies are better. All the same we had the following results:

6th – Gr 3 Agility
10th – Gr 3 Jumping
4th – Gr3 Agility

8th – Anysize Jumping

Mum & Kif:
8th – Gr4 Jumping

Karen & Mollie:
3rd - Gr1 Jumping
7th - Gr1-2 Jumping
1st - Members only 1-7 Steeplechase

Jo & Fluke
also got a 1st and a 3rd and club friends from SWAT, Toni, Daz, Tash & Abi all went home with trophies so there was lots to celebrate.

Here are a couple of Hex’s vids and Kif's 8th