Sunday, 27 March 2011

Fun Competition

What a lovely day! Fantastic weather and food and most importantly fantastic dogs!


Pre-Comp Agility:

1st - Gill & Mollyanna

2nd - Molly & Ben

Competition Agility:

1st - Kelly & Spud

Trophy Agility:

1st - Gail & Stitch

Pre-Comp Jumping:

1st - Sadie & Carmen

2nd - Diana & Ruby

Competition Jumping:

1st - Anthony & Amy

Clear - Sarah & Ru

Clear - Jeannette & Tess

Trophy Jumping:

1st - Karen & Molly

So congratulations to all rosette winners but also well done to everybody who went out there and gave it a good go, some of whom it was the first time they've tested their nerves and dogs in a competition environment.

Competition Days are hard work but always worth it and wouldn't be possible without the help and support of friends and club members. Special thanks obviously to Mike for judging and Mum for helping me set up last night and get everything together, thanks to Mel for scoring for us; the day wouldn't have run half as quickly and smoothly without you, thanks to the Skinner Men; I can't believe we got them BOTH at the field! - Paul did a grand job of timing and Dad made sure there was always hot water at hand for tea and coffee. I'm sure everyone will agree that we had the best spread of food and that was all thanks to Anthony & Helen's Cakes and Alex's Quiche.

Now lets bring on the real deal!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Results, Results, Results!

I know I've been a bad blogger, but any spare time I've had I've been cramming in revision and baking for Red Nose Day and it's so tempting when you get on the computer to get carried away on Facebook or YouTube so I've been avoiding it although I have videos I want to sort out and photos I'd like to share.
So although there's lots I'd like to talk about - the fun time we had at Crufts, Anthony Clarke coming to A-SIT, Red Nose Day, Hex's Birthday, the upcoming Fun Comp etc. - I'm going to concentrate on the good results we've had this weekend and at Crufts... this was in order to keep things short but there's actually quite a lot to type off!

So well done to all involved in the following results:

Barbara & Dex - 2nd, Postgrad
Jacqui & Izzy - 3rd, Obedience Inter Regionals and 2nd in the Team Event

Mum & Stitch - 2nd, 4-7 Agility
Mum & Stitch - 1st, 4-7 Jumping
Karen & Mollie - 3rd, 1-2 Agility
Karen & Mollie - 4th 1-2 Helter Skelter

Jeannette & Tess - Clear (Just out the placings at 5th), Small Jumping

@UKA Cornwall
Hex - 1st, Novice Steeplechase
Alex & Sonny - 2nd, Beginners Jumping
Alex & Sonny - Clear, Beginners Steeplechase
Sarah & Ru - Clear (5th & they placed to 4th), Beginners Steeplechase
Sarah & Ru - Clear, Beginners Steeplechase II

A really positive and exciting start to the season.